Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I like about being in real estate?

What I like about being in real estate? I can work flexible, yet sometimes long hours. I am able to adjust my own schedule as to never miss my two son’s important events. As far as income, the sky is the limit.

Real Estate is my calling. I have found my “home”. I can be myself. I love guiding buyers and sellers through what could be a stressful and complicated situation. I like to keep in mind to me this is my career, what I do daily but most people only experience a real estate transaction a few times during their entire lifetime.

The unknown is scary. I know I get nervous going to the doctor because I do not always know what to expect. When I have a nurse or physician who takes their time to explains each step to me it calms me. I want to give that same calming feeling to my Buyers and Seller. In the event, we may think the deal is falling about, there is always a solution. No one has ever died from a real estate deal gone wrong.

People choose to have a Realtor on their side, not merely to stick a sign in the yard or unlock the secret box. It is to lead them through a major life experience which could otherwise be frightening.  

Each person has a calling in life. Selling real estate is not saving lives but I love aiding my customers/clients during a memorable moment in their lives.

 The most gratifying aspect of being a Realtor would be the hugs when a Buyer first receives the keys to their new home, or when a Buyer calls me back years later to upgrade/downsize and tells me how they loved their home or when I get a call from a referral of a past client/customer. That is what I “love” not “like” about Real Estate.