Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If You May Sell Your Home in the Next Year...

May Sell Your Home in the Next Year...
If there is even a possibility, that you may move, go take a photo of your home while the grass is green. Move cars out of the driveway, make sure lawn is mowed, hide the trash can, clear the toys and water hoses for the photo. Make sure that the porch is neat and orderly.
Use a good grade digital camera and make sure that you have the whole house in the photos, do not cut off the roof. Also, take your photo from the side away from the garage. The white of the garage door overpowers the shot if you take it directly from the front.
Don't forget the backyard: take one looking out from back door and one from the back of the yard.
Call, text our cell, or email us and Jeri or Sharon will come take the photo for you. Just let us know ahead of time so that we can be sure to do it on the right day. We don't want you to do all of that work and we can't come by that day.
Homes look better and appealing to the eye if there is color in the picture. Brown grass next January and February will not be appealing in your listing photos...so take the time now to do it.