Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Living large in small spaces: 6 reasons to fall in love with a smaller home.

Bigger isn't always better. Here are 6 great reasons to consider a smaller home if you're in the market

1.Lower costs - Above all else, the greatest reason to buy smaller is for the money you'll save. In addition to more reasonable purchase prices, smaller homes will be less expensive to heat and cool, and less expensive to maintain.
2.Easier resale - The old adage "buy the smallest house in the best neighborhood" is as true now as ever. With today's economic uncertainty and ever-rising energy costs, smaller homes are more attractive than ever to savvy buyers.
3.Your eco-footprint - The green movement and sustainable living have gone mainstream, and one of the best all-around ways to "green your life" is to start with your home. Small homes use fewer natural resources than large ones, and less storage space means less unnecessary consumption.
4.Clutter - Few things can be as mentally oppressive as the clutter in our lives - the things we own but don't use that begin to accumulate and weigh us down. Without excess room to jam-pack with "stuff," it becomes much easier to eliminate clutter and simplify our lives.
5.Time - In addition to cost savings, smaller homes come with reduced maintenance, upkeep, and everyday cleaning responsibilities. This opens up time to devote to other things that may be more meaningful and fulfilling. Who couldn't use the luxury of more time in their life?
6.Freedom - Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the sum of all of these benefits can leave you, as a homeowner, with a newfound sense of freedom. More money and time equates to more choices in how you live your life and spend your free time.
As always, home ownership is a matter of finding the right balance for YOU, and tilting the scale towards a smaller home can be a great way to stay focused on the things that are most important in your life.