Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Not Your Home!

In order to really benefit from the assistance of a Realtor during the sales process and get top dollar for you current property. It is important to be objective about the house you are currently living in.  You may have lived in this house for many years, raised a family, have many fond memories of events in it, or you may have only lived in this house for a short period of time.  We all have some sort of attachment to the house we live in, but we have to acknowledge this attachment in order to realize our first important step, learning to be objective.  To be objective means to see something without the influence of personal feelings, prejudices, and interpretations; basing everything upon fact not your thoughts about a person or thing; in this instance we’re talking about being objective about ’your’ home.
This is first step and usually the hardest for many people.  It isn’t always easy to step away from your personal feelings, thoughts, and references to a home; however, you have to if you really want to sell the home.  Are you ready?  Can you step outside of your personal feelings and comfort zone enough to become objective about how this particular home looks, feels, and markets?  Are you ready to see this house as a commodity, something to be bought and sold, and not as 'your' home?
By removing any thoughts and feelings of the house being ‘yours’ then you can begin to be objective; thereby allowing you to see the house from a different perspective.  While working with homeowners during our Market-Ready Consults, we remind Sellers that the whole process of these consults is to assist them in removing thoughts about the house being theirs.  Everything from re-arranging furniture, packing up things, and discussing the role of children and pets during the selling process is to assist you in this thought process.  Reminding yourself and your family that this is no longer ‘your’ home will allow you to alter your view point, shift your intentions, and make the marketing, selling, and moving process easier for everyone.  Being objective and no longer thinking about the house being ‘yours’ will allow you to step into the role of a potential buyer, an important aspect for getting the house sold.

Part of this process is to release your personal feelings or emotions to the house.   By beginning to no longer refer to the house as ‘yours’, you will begin the process of disconnecting your emotions from the home.

It’s not ‘Your’ Home!