Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Year Mom Hid The Presents

There seemed to be a lack of luster this Christmas. The boys both being teenagers, had narrowed their selections to an exact list of few but expensive items. How is a parent supposed to keep the thrill and excitement of waking early Christmas morning when their children are in that awkward and in-between stage, no longer cute toddlers anxiously waiting for jolly old St Nick. Well, with my sister’s help, we devised a plan to help put the thrill back into Christmas morning. We came up with the idea. Everything the boys expected to wake up to Christmas morning would not be there. That’s right, a bare tree. Instead I left clues, a scavenger hunt…and not an easy one I might add.

Here are the clues. Each was formatted with its own Christmas theme and font.

1.      Oh no, silly me, I forgot to put your gifts under the tree. Don’t be sad or think you were bad. Look for a clue then there will be something for each of you.  So let’s get started on your search think of something your dad and I did in a church. (Wedding picture) Follow each and every clue. The next is found inside a shoe. (Shoe in one of the staircase) I have keys but I don't open a door (computer). Your family I can display...Pictures from another day. ( Picture in living room) It's near the window, that's for certain. Take a look behind a (Curtain) First gift

2.      I hope by now you are having fun, but by no means are you done. I have two hands upon my face. (grandfather clock) Something that could require a muzzle go ahead do the puzzle. (Dog) note to Pantry. Please don’t run word games can be a load of fun, think of one you see every day but do not play. (Scrabble)letter to “ Microwave” (Microwave) Second gift

3.      To find a city, you don't need your frontal lobe. Just run your fingers across the... (globe) I hope you are enjoying the chase, don’t slow down or lose your pace the next clue could be right in front of your face. “ Koobecaf” distorted picture of mailbox on Facebook.  (Mailbox) Third gift

4.      Horn blower, left or right, Steer straight to the clue; don’t take all night. (On the car steering wheel) Haha we got you good, how about you try the hood. (open hood) so your gift wasn’t under the hood, don’t give up your doing good. Open the car, but don’t go too far. Look all around and your gift shall be found. (trunk) Fourth Gift

5.      Santa Claus lives in the North Pole. The next clue can be found on a roll!  The last clue was kind of lame – sorry about that! The next can be found under a matt! I have black eyes and a pointy orange nose. I like the cold the best, especially when it snows! (snowman) If clothes are soggy and wet you may cry but here they will quickly dry.(dryer) Fifth gift

6.      Hope that last clue didn’t give you any static how about now you go to the…..(attic)Sixth gift

7.      You’ve found some gifts please don’t stress, for the next clue use GPS (N32⁰ 05.289’  W081⁰ 15.904’) ( dog house) Seventh gift

8.      Are you getting tired? Feeling despair? How about looking under a chair?(chair) Eighth gift

9.      Can use me to get a bit taller, especially if you are quite a bit smaller…(stool) Ninth gift

10. Well sorry this hunt is now done. It surely was a lot of fun, if only perhaps had by me. Oh one more gift is under the tree. Tenth gift

This Christmas was not our traditional Christmas, but the boys enjoyed every minute of it. As a child, Christmas was always the best memories. As a parent, that is what I strive for; to create memories for my sons, precious memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. I hope one day they look back with a smile and remember the year mom hid all presents.