Saturday, June 22, 2013

Living in Savannah

According to many, Savannah, Georgia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. We humbly agree.
Residents living in Savannah, Georgia, spend their free time the way other people spend their vacations. And young professionals have made Savannah, Georgia, a destination of choice – trading in major-metro stress and suburban sprawl for the city’s wide range of cool new and old neighborhoods.

A magnet for talent, Savannah’s beauty has long inspired artists and musicians to live in Savannah, Georgia, including Johnny Mercer of Moon River fame, and writers Conrad Aiken and Flannery O'Connor. With more than 60 in the area, Savannah, Georgia, has over 200% more art galleries per capita than New York City! The Historic District itself is living art, and Savannah, Georgia, also has its fair share of forts and historical sites representative of our nation’s early history.

Where dining is concerned, Savannah, Georgia, has it all – from elegant historic inns to marshland settings with dress codes so casual, you can go barefoot. Southern home cooking practically started here, and since Savannah, Georgia, is located right on the coast, our seafood couldn't be fresher.

In fact, life in Savannah is a virtual paradise for those who like the water. A year-round climate perfect for recreation is suitable for exploring the 420 miles of navigable waters twisting and turning through nearly 87,000 acres of tidal marshlands. Obviously, residents of Savannah both work hard and live well