Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tips for loading a moving truck

Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, if you’re not hiring a professional mover, renting a moving truck can save you time and energy. Done properly, it can also save you money in replacement costs in the event of damage to furniture and appliances.

After making sure that everything is packed properly, loading the truck correctly is perhaps the most important step to take that will ensure your belongings arrive safely. If you’re using friends and family to move, make sure to let them know what your strategy is for loading the truck.

Here’s what they all need to know about loading a moving truck so the ride is smooth and everything arrives at your new home safely.

  • Make sure the path from the door to the truck remains free of obstacles such as boxes

  • Use the ramp into the trailer on every trip

  • One or two people should be designated to be in the truck to load everything in tightly, while the others carry everything in

  • Load the front of the truck to the top and work your way toward the back

  • Stack items from floor to ceiling

  • Heavy items go on the bottom and lighter items on the top

  • Packing items tightly will help avoid shifting in transit, so try to avoid any open space

  • Use rolled-up rugs, bags of linens, pillows, etc., to fill void areas

  • Strap tiers in as you go - it’s safer to use more ties and straps than you think you’ll need

  • Cover appliances and furniture with pads and blankets

  • Load the largest, heaviest furniture and appliances first and put them against the walls to help distribute the weight evenly throughout the truck

  • Remove legs and feet from furniture

  • Sofa and loveseat should be placed on their end if possible

  • Between mattresses is a great place to store wrapped pictures and mirrors, headboards and footboards (but only one per space)

  • Make sure items that can cause damage are not loaded against fabric or wood furniture

  • Tables with thin legs should not have anything stacked on top of them

  • Load fragile items or awkward-shaped items on top and secure tightly

  • Place light-weight loose items on top

  • Any light machinery such as lawn mowers, tillers and weed eaters should be drained

  • of gas and oil, then covered with a tarp away from mattresses and furniture covered

  • in fabric

  • Keep gas operated items such as lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc., on the truck floor, covered with tarp or plastic sheeting and away from fabric items