Friday, March 14, 2014

Making the Move This Spring?


Spring is here – and traditionally a time when many

families choose to make a move, and many

organizations make changes which require families

to relocate. It can be stressful, and intimidating if

you don’t have the right tools, plan and of course –

help along the way.

I’ve helped many people just like you, navigate

these sometimes tricky times with less headaches,

more options and even a little fun along the way.

The first thing to have when considering a move –

either to a new home or a new state – is a good


I have two informative Brochures available at no

charge that will help with your move:

“Plan Ahead” discusses ways you can save time and

money when selecting a moving company.

“Moving Made Easy” provides a six-week checklist of

things to do to make your move as stress-free as


They’re helpful, handy and yours – just give me a

call and I’m happy to send them right out to you –

that way when you're ready to put your house on the

market, or look for your next neighborhood, you’ll

have some guidelines to help make the transition

easier. Know that I am always just a phone call

to offer my experience and expertise to get your

current home sold quickly and for the right price and

find you the new home of your dreams.

Please remember that in our current market – timing

can be EVERYTHING. If you’ve got to sell your

current home, please contact me as soon as you

have decided to move. That way I can begin to

develop a customized marketing plan and provide

you with a FREE Market Analysis showing how long

it should take to sell your house, as well as the price

it should bring. Preparation and knowing what you

can expect can bring great peace of mind.

If you're moving to another part of town, or even

another state, I can help you find the right property

to suit your needs – or connect you with a trusted

professional so that you know you’ll be in good

hands – wherever you go! I have associations with

other real estate professionals throughout the

country who can provide you with the same level of

personal service that you expect from me.

Moving doesn't have to be a hassle with the right

agent on your side. Call me today – I can help!
Jeri Patrick

The Jeri Patrick Team