Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SemTech, RDFa, Microdata and more...

Schema.org was launched a year ago. This week several of the schema.org team returned to the SemTechBiz conference for a panel to discuss where we are, and where we're going.

Schema.org is all about shared vocabulary, rather than any specific markup encoding. As we reported last year, the RDFa Working Group have been working hard to address feedback from schema.org and others. Yesterday's panel gave us the chance to be the first to welcome W3C's announcement that RDFa 1.1 is now a full W3C recommendation. This new standard, in particular the RDFa Lite specification, brings together the simplicity of Microdata with improved support for using multiple schemas together.

What does this mean for schema.org? We want to say clearly that we continue to support Microdata, and in particular those who have championed the adoption of Microdata over the last year. Billions of pages now use schema.org markup thanks to these early adopters, and Microdata continues to be a fine way to publish and share structured data. Our approach is "Microdata and more". As implementations and se